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Steve and Anne's wedding

Tis the season to get married!  Had a lovely wedding in Ottawa this past weekend with a lovely couple and a great group of friends.  Tonight I have a wedding reception in Niagara Falls.  If I didn’t RSVP to that, it would have been a bachelor party in Toronto.  Next weekend I get a break and will be participating in a 3 day flintknapping workshop (making stone tools and weapons…way too awesome!) and if I’m lucky a lot of Turkey with the family.  The following weekend I am back on the wedding train with a wedding in Toronto.  Then the following weekend I have an engagement party to attend.  Phew, I get tired just thinking about it!

Hmm, what else.  Starting my second month of the Insanity workout on Monday.  I can tell you flat out that it is the most physically demanding thing I have ever done.  But I love it!  After that, gonna startup P90X Plus.

Signed up for singing class.  Lol, I don’t know what mind altering medication I was on when I decided to do this, but I must admit the first class was very enjoyable.  I think I am going to learn a lot from this.

Still churning away at MBA applications.  I must say, they do take a lot more work then I had anticipated.  But at the same time, you really do learn a lot about yourself thinking about how to answer these questions for the essay portion.  Its a rather enjoyable experience.

Oh, and I have two cats that are living with me.  One scratches and bites me when I pet her.

Other than that, just counting my blessings.  I have great people in my life, and far too often forget the ridiculousness of my fortune.

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