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“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” – John Maxwell

it was May of 2007.  i paid about $1000 to go to this seminar.  speakers from all around the globe gathered in Toronto to speak on one topic.  how to be a better person.  yes, it was worth the money.  yes, i will be doing it again (i really wish to see Tony Robbins at least once in my life).  if there was one commonality to all the presentations that weekend, it was this.  have passion.  in everything you do.  everything.  when you poo, make it your best poo ever.  when you go grocery shopping, do it fully and completely.  feel those avocados like you’ve never felt them before. alright, i’m getting myself too worked up over here.  you get my drift.

how simple a lesson, and yet i forgot. doh, silly me!  yesterday i was speaking with my brother on the phone and he was telling me an idea of his.  you could hear the passion in his voice about it and i couldn’t help but get excited for him.  when i hear people speak about things passionately, i just can’t help get excited for them.  i’m sure you know what i’m talking about.  right now, my passion is the city bee.  not so much the website itself, but just the whole process of making this thing.  i’ve learned so much in the past month on the whole process that i can carry this newfound knowledge onto the next projects i’ll be working on (i’m already in the prelim stages of a few).  find your passions, and cultivate them. then after you’ve done that, find passion in everything, and cultivate that.  passionate people change the world.  look back through histories greats, and you’ll see they were all very passionate people.

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